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The Power of Community

Before we set off for Africa it was wonderful to see the support from our small community.

A huge “Thankyou” to Kathy (my mother in law) for knitting these 160 premmie baby beanies , to give to Penny (my sisters mother in law) who then gives them to a hospital in Sth Africa. These are so greatly appreciated, and what a lovely way to start our trip by delivering such a package.

Also a  big “Thankyou” to the kids, parents, and teacher at Matthew’s  school who contributed to this lovely bundle of hats and “pen pal” letters. I know the Moya kids, teachers and volunteers will love this, and reading the letters will be really interesting and exciting for them. Hopefully we will have some lovely letters to bring back.

They say it “Takes a village to raise a child” which is so true and powerful, however we all need that village – whatever our age – to support and encourage us.

It is the little things that can make a difference.

Not everyone can build a school, or create a foundation,  but knitting a beanie or donating a hat is still significant. Small contributions add to something greater, a feeling of connection, teaching our kids about other lifestyles outside of their own, a random act of kindness , enjoying the joy of giving.

Buying Fair Trade is a choice, it connects you to a culture usually different to your own, and it shows people you care about the world you are living in, and the people in it.

We love our buying trips where we can connect with our groups, and the people who have become our friends over the years.

We love to place our orders, and see the difference the income makes to so many individual families and communities.

But most of all – we love to give the wonderful “small” contributions our “village” has made for us.

Thankyou xx